Create a Windows 10 restore point

Recently I reset my network settings and got a blue screen of death for Windows 10. An unpleasant situation, especially considering the impossibility of subsequent loading. I can safely say that it can be useful to create a restore point. It can definitely save you once …

This article will show you how to create a Windows 10 restore point. Turning on system protection allows you to undo unwanted changes. Automatic system backup is not used by default. Therefore, I still had to reinstall the operating system.


How to create a restore point in Windows 10

In a nutshell, System Restore is used to undo unwanted changes. You need to allocate the maximum amount of disk space for the system protection function. As it fills up, old restore points are deleted to free up space …

Run the SystemPropertiesProtection command in the Win + R window . In the System protection section, select Local disk (C 🙂 and click Configure …  Here, select Turn on system protection and specify the Maximum memory usage value , then Apply , OK .

how to enable windows 10 restore point

Actually, now you can click Create a restore point for disks with system protection enabled. Enter a description for identification, click Create again .

How to create a restore point in Windows 10

Let’s call this copy BackupControlPanel . The restore point creation process takes a few seconds. Actually, the date and time are added to the title automatically.

You can also create it with the command: Checkpoint-Computer -Description “BackupPowerShell” -RestorePointType MODIFY_SETTINGS . The name is BackupPowerShell and the type is MODIFY_SETTINGS .

powershell create restore point
MODIFY_SETTINGSThe whole system

How to roll back Windows 10 to a restore point

Under System and Security> Security and Service Center, open Recovery . Select Start System Restore and select the previously created point. Click Next , Finish a few times and wait for the recovery process to complete.

How to roll back Windows 10 to a restore point

Or go to Settings> Update & Security> Recovery . And in the Special Boot Options subsection, click Restart Now . You can also select Shutdown> Restart from the Start menu while holding down the Left Shift key .

restart your computer in windows 10 safe mode

On the Special Boot Options screen, select Troubleshoot> System Restore (or Diagnostics> Advanced Options> System Restore ). If you previously created a point, then restore the system after entering the password.

How to restart Windows 10 in safe mode

If Windows 10 does not boot, you can still use dots, for this you need a bootable USB flash drive with Windows 10 . During installation, select System Restore . Unfortunately I didn’t have a restore point created.


Bonus automatic creation of points Windows 10

In Task Scheduler, expand Microsoft> Windows> SystemRestore . Find the task with the short name SR . This task will create restore points.

automatic creation of windows 10 restore points

In the SR properties, open the Triggers subsection . Click Create… trigger, for example, weekly at 12:00 on Saturdays. Choose any convenient backup mode for yourself.

how to enable automatic restore point

How to remove Windows 10 restore points

You can delete a previously unnecessary copy. In the same subsection System protection, select Configure …> Delete . You will not be able to undo unwanted changes. If you agree, then click Continue . All backups of the selected disk will be deleted.

How to remove Windows 10 restore points


The backup function has been implemented in previous versions. It allows you to protect yourself and save time. It’s unclear why Microsoft didn’t automatically implement this by default. You need to create restore points for your Windows 10 from time to time.

I repeat: unfortunately, I did not create restore points before. And the system, as luck would have it, stopped loading altogether. Safe mode is out of the question. I couldn’t even reset the system to factory settings . Now I will create a backup at least once a month.

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