Headphones on the front of Windows 10 not working

Often connected headphones on the front panel refuse to work. Things got even more confusing with the MSI B450 Gaming Plus MAX motherboard. A universal sound driver became available to me. Plus, choosing one parameter, you get another, its opposite.

This article will explain why the headphones on the front panel of Windows 10 do not work. In most situations, the user needs to change the settings. Realtek HD Manager will help you here, new boards got Realtek Audio Console with Nahimic application …


Front Panel Connector Configuration

Find YOUR model on the manufacturer’s website. In my case, on the page I select Support> Drivers for Windows 10. In the On-Board Audio Drivers section, I  download the  Realtek HD Universal Driver or Realtek High Definition Audio Driver . All that remains is to install the driver …

Realtek Audio Console does not support this computer

My motherboard can be used with Realtek High Definition Audio or Realtek HD Universal. See what to do if Realtek Audio Console does not support this Windows 10 computer . Which driver should you choose? For me, the choice is obvious as the former is no longer updated.

Realtek High Definition Audio Driver  ( HDA)Realtek HD dispatcher
(modified version of MSI, differs only in design)
Windows 10 Redstone 2 or earlier is recommended. Provides high quality sound for devices. This package includes most Realtek sound cards .
Version6.0.1.8619Release date2019-03-25
Realtek HD Universal Driver include Nahimic Driver (UAD)Realtek Audio Console
(plus Nahimic, which works with digital devices)
For Windows 10 RS3 or later. Provides the best sound quality with the Realtek audio codec. Compatible with more modern Realtek chipsets.
Version6.0.9202.1Release date2021-07-28

Realtek HD Manager & Realtek Audio Console

The note. Expose the suggested values ​​without hesitation. I don’t know why, but they are mixed up with each other. This applies to both the classic Realtek HD dispatcher and the modern Realtek Audio Console. But all the settings we need are basically identical.

the headphone jack on the front panel does not work
Click on the settings button (top right icon). In the Advanced Device Settings window , select:#Realtek Audio Console differs from Realtek HD Manager in layout. All parameters presented below correspond.
Playback deviceConfigure the front and rear output devices to play two different audio signals at the same time.
RecorderCombine input jacks of the same type, such as line-in and microphone, as one input device.
In the parameters of the connector (opposite the inscription ANALOGUE ), mark:Disable Front Panel Slot Detection & Connect Auto Popup Dialog, for a powered device

Even occasionally, the headphones do not work if the device was selected incorrectly when connected to the jack. Click on the front panel jack icon and select headphones from the list. Well, I think it’s not worth explaining how to switch audio devices.

windows 10 headphone jack not working

Under Settings> System> Sound, select Sound Control Panel . In the context menu of the Headset, select Turn on (or make sure the device is turned on). Plus open Properties and set Device Application> Use This Device (On) .

the front panel does not see the windows 10 headphones

BIOS setup & Connecting connectors

In the UEFI interface, you can disable the sound card or only the front connectors. For example, go to Settings> Advanced> Integrated Peripherals . HD Audio Controller must be enabled in the Audio Configuration subsection (there is a separate Front Panel Type ).

what is hd audio controller in BIOS

The motherboard has an audio jack for connecting the front panel. This already concerns the process of assembling a computer. In a nutshell, the front panel connection cable is signed in the same way as the connector on the motherboard. They just need to be combined.


Headphones not working on the front of Windows 10? Try tweaking the Realtek HD Manager or Realtek Audio Console. This is something that does not require much knowledge. If it does not help, then reinstalling the drivers. It is unlikely that the front panel was not connected.

You may have a problem with the sound driver after the update. See how to deal with unknown devices in Windows 10 Device Manager (sorry for the tautology). Indeed, after the update, the sound may not work. Often, customization is enough …

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