How to check the monitor for performance

When buying, check for broken pixels, highlights and more …

The worst thing when buying a monitor: getting dead pixels or light on the matrix. A lot of feedback on the forums will definitely scare users. Whichever model you choose, all the same, everyone is waiting for problems. Now you can check the monitor yourself even without a store service.

This article will tell you how to test the monitor for performance, preferably before purchasing. Recently I bought myself a model HP Omen 27i and I understand what exactly needs to be checked. Plus, check the backlight flickering when choosing a monitor for yourself.


Check the monitor for dead pixels

First , take the TFT Monitor Test application with you in advance (if necessary, and a laptop). In the section, select the Shaded square mode and carefully consider all the colors. Broken pixels may appear in red or green. Check with your own eyes.

tft monitor test 1.52 how to use

Secondly , you can use an online monitor test, for example, Monteon . On the main page of the service, the user only needs to click Start . Actually, the subsection Color rendering allows you to check for dead pixels (they are sometimes called dead).

how to check the monitor for dead pixels

Flare and glow check

What are these scary highlights? Everyone is afraid of getting a monitor with massive exposure. On a black background, they are clearly visible if the light source shines directly into the monitor. Immediately I say, you can get a model completely without light. But it is also better to check when purchasing.

And what is a glow effect? Expressed as distortion of the image at an oblique angle. Visually, it looks like unevenly lit areas with a deterioration in color rendition and quality. It didn’t bother me much, because I work directly behind the monitor.

how to check the monitor for light

Actually, how to check . Turn on a completely black background and look, plus at the corners. This can be done: TFT Monitor Test or Monteon service . To avoid problems, check everything immediately at the point of issue. By the way, large dealerships provide this service.

Monitor response time and hertz

In the TFT Monitor Test application, select the Moving square mode . With its help, you can visually assess the performance of the monitor. Plus you will be shown the average response time. In short, blurring a square in motion indicates a high response time. Lower is better.

How to check the response time of your monitor

At the expense of the screen refresh rate, you need to correctly connect the monitor and see how much is available. For example, on my HP Omen 27i monitor, only 144Hz is available with HDMI. DisplayPort 1.2 must be used to get the stated 165Hz.

Bonus. PWM and everything connected with it

Professional equipment allows you to check the PWM of the monitor backlight. You don’t even need to argue, constant flickering hurts your eyesight. It all depends on the strength … Fortunately, colleagues from the resource have tested the PWM of most monitors, it remains to be found.

how to check the pwm on the monitor

In the process of choosing, there was a choice between the Dell S2721DGFA and the HP OMEN 27i . It was the above-mentioned resource that helped to take the second one. And I can say with confidence that I have never regretted my choice. Although there was a high frequency flicker, I decided to play it safe.


We will refer to the performance of the monitor flares and dead pixels. It is these problems that often worry users. Are you still afraid that the returned goods will be slipped to you? Use the monitor menu, see how much it worked and make a decision.

Many users read reviews that say that they cannot do without highlights. I will say one thing: seldom buyers share a good experience. I was very afraid of this, I checked everything myself at the point of issue. I am generally silent about manufacturers that allow 5 broken pixels …

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