How to use MSI Center

Probably MSI Dragon Center is no longer needed …

So, MSI Center is a new platform with a modular concept that combines all the exclusive MSI features. Own control center, feature sets page and support section. In practice, we have a modified MSI Dragon Center in a new role.

This article will show you how to use MSI Center. Previously, we analyzed the Dragon & Creator Center and Command Center applications. Actually, the new MSI Center should unite all the company’s developments. Plus, the user will be able to select only the necessary components.


How to set up MSI Center

From time to time I monitor the software section of the motherboard. The other day the MSI Center application appeared (of course, I installed it with pleasure). I can say with confidence: I was pleasantly surprised by the overall concept. It can be downloaded directly from the Microsoft Store.

MSI Center

DownloadQR-CodeMSI CenterDeveloper: MICRO-STAR INTERNATIONAL CO., LTDPrice: Free

What is this program? Actually, the new MSI Center keeps all the features modular and customizable. The user can only install the necessary components and avoid unnecessary stress. MSI itself assures: MSI Center has become smarter, faster, more personal.


This section provides detailed specifications plus monitoring data. Namely: loading of the central and graphic processors, memory and even disk space. More network monitoring and more. Often more is available to you on branded laptops.

msi center what is it

Here you can instantly free up RAM. By pressing the Arrow next to Release and immediately write how much it turned out. At least the presence of such an opportunity should already be pleasing. What does this give in practice? In short: 5.1 GB was available BEFORE , 7.3 GB was already AFTER .


On this page, you can download, update or uninstall MSI-exclusive features. Feel free to create your own MSI Center. All functions have a detailed description, plus most have been sorted out earlier. Some are just ported from MSI Dragon Center …

How to set up MSI Center
Mode Gaming
[Game Mode]
Optimization of all your games is literally one click away. You no longer need to constantly tweak every game.
The Priority the Smart
[Intelligent priority]
AI-based mode makes optimization as easy as possible. Suitable for a wide variety of scenarios.
The Scenario the User
[user script]
Preset scenarios according to your daily operations. Plus, performance adjustment.
Light Mystic
[Mystic light]
Control lighting effects on your MSI RGB devices or compatible devices. For example, memory or headphones.
The Color True The
[True Color]
The technology provides various modes that best suit different usage scenarios.
MSI Companion
[MSI Companion]
Exclusive on-screen interface for quick monitoring of status and settings, even in game (using game mode).
Image the Finder the Smart
[Intelligent search image]
Categorize memory for easy viewing of your precious moments with AI-generated smart tags.
Diagnosis System
[finding system]
Helps monitor and analyze laptop SSD and battery health through AI training.
Highlights Game
[Game moments]
Capture and record your best moments. The interface and functionality may vary depending on the region.
Cancellation Noise
[Noise Reduction]
Eliminates unwanted external noise and suppresses the background environment. For MSI GS&GE, Summit, Prestige or Creator series only.

Attention! Functionality will vary depending on the device and accessories. The maximum is available on MSI branded laptops. Only then can you enjoy all the exclusive features of MSI. We look forward to expanding support for motherboards.


The Live Update subsection allows you to update drivers and software. Plus, applications are shown that are compatible with your board. For example, Realtek Audio Control and Nahimic are put to the sound. The Advanced Settings button checks the BIOS update .

msi center driver

The second subsection System Info will show which versions of drivers and BIOS are used. This is convenient because the version can be compared, even with the available drivers on the MSI official website. Many times there was a situation when it was not clear which chipset driver was installed …


Let’s go back in time to the process of using the MSI Dragon Center. I remember at the end of the review I wrote: I hope for a quick update and refinement of at least the user interface. Thanks to MSI for somehow magically hearing me.

MSI Center is now the leading software for MSI motherboards . All the latest features like Smart Image Finder, MSI Companion and more are included. You can write about many functions separately, if you are interested, then we will expand.

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