What to do if sound goes missing on your Windows 10 computer

Sound problems appear at the wrong time and it is not clear why. Perhaps there was a conflict of drivers, devices and even software (for example, after an update). The correct connection and functionality of the devices is not discussed.

This article will tell you what to do if you lose sound on a computer running Windows 10. Using my MSI B450 Gaming Plus MAX motherboard as an example. Plus Microsoft has worked on a fix tool. I think you checked the volume yourself.


What to do if the sound on the computer disappears

Mute and unmute speakers

Under Settings> System> Sound, select Manage audio devices . In the Output Devices list, make sure Speakers (Realtek (R) Audio) is enabled. This is a list of all your devices. Here you can choose what you want to disable or enable.

how to turn on speakers on a computer

The second part shows the interface of the classic panel. In the accompanying options, select Sound Control Panel . Here it is enough to select the playback device. Plus, you can turn off all effects, if they are available to you Properties  > Improvements …

Reinstall / Install Drivers

Find your motherboard model on the manufacturer’s website. Under Support> Drivers, expand On-Board Audio Drivers . Here we select Realtek HD Universal Driver  or  Realtek High Definition Audio Driver . During the installation process, you will have to restart your PC several times.

Realtek Audio Console does not support this computer

Unpack and run Setup.exe (actually, the executable file is the installer). Then follow the installation wizard: 1) uninstall the current Realtek sound driver and restart the system; 2) install the Realtek sound driver and restart the system …

how to install sound driver on windows 10

My motherboard supports Realtek High Definition Audio Driver and Realtek HD Universal Driver. You can choose the one that suits you best. The classic HDA driver works great but is no longer updated. To make it less of a problem, I use the UAD driver.

Realtek High Definition Audio Driver  ( HDA)Realtek HD dispatcher
(modified version of MSI, differs only in design)
For Windows 10 Redstone 2 or earlier. Provides high quality sound for devices. Includes most Realtek sound cards .
Version6.0.1.8619Release date2019-03-25
Realtek HD Universal Driver include Nahimic Driver (UAD)Realtek Audio Console
(plus Nahimic, for optimizing digital devices)
For Windows 10 RS3 or later. Provides the best sound quality with the Realtek audio codec. Compatible with modern Realtek chipsets.
Version6.0.9202.1Release date2021-07-28

Trying to roll back a sound driver

From the Start context menu , select Device Manager . Under Sound, game and audio devices, select Properties for Realtek (R) Audio device (or your driver).

how to roll back sound drivers on windows 10

On the Driver tab, click Roll Back . Sometimes the button is not active, which means it won’t roll back. If the device does not work after the upgrade, rollback restores the previous version.

You can also use the Automatic driver search , which does not always work. Or open Update driver> Find drivers on this computer> Select a driver from the list of available ones . Select the manufacturer of the device, its model and click Next .

update sound drivers


Go to Settings> Update & Security> Troubleshoot . Select the Additional troubleshooters  category > Run diagnostics and troubleshoot> Sound playback . Follow the error correction wizard.

How to run Windows 10 troubleshooter

The tool will automatically restart the audio service. This can be done manually without it. Run the services.msc  command in the Win + R window  . In the list, highlight Windows Audio and click Restart Service. Plus it doesn’t hurt to restart the Realtek Audio Universal Service .

how to restart windows 10 audio service

Description of Microsoft. Sound management for Windows programs. If this service is stopped, then audio devices and effects will not work correctly. If this service is disabled, it will be impossible to start all services that explicitly depend on it.


I used to run into problems: there is no sound from the speakers, the sound of the headphones has disappeared, the front panel does not work . It was with Realtek High Definition Audio drivers. How many times had to be reinstalled. Probably Microsoft has done some work on Windows 10.

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